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Our Work

It's About Us! is engaged in a number of ongoing projects focused on addressing the social, economic, and public policy impact on communities of color. We welcome the opportunity to partner with other community organizations and business leaders to enhance and empower our residents. IAU stands ready to make the District of Columbia a place where everyone has the opportunity to strive for success. 

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Seats For Seniors is a project that focuses on providing safe, comfortable, and convenient public transit seating for seniors in underserved and disenfranchised communities of color. The project aims to provide state-of-the-art seating that will ensure comfort, safety, and security, with digital notification and heating/air during the summer and winter months when the temperatures warrant it. The mere presence of a seat provides a great deal of comfort and security to seniors. 


This February (2023), We are supporting The Smart Mobility Experience, brought to you by Atlas Transit Solutions. This HBCU Smart City Tour will create technology hubs on HBCU campuses to increase and advance their solar and technological capacity.  Join our advocacy for upgraded amenities on HBCU campuses and underserved communities. We need your help.

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Motocross DC is a developing pilot program that provides education and training for safe street and off-road motorcycle riding. The membership organization will offer workshops on motorcycle maintenance and repair, street laws, amateur and professional competition, and how to become a professional pit crew member.  The organization's purpose is to prevent riders from violating traffic and criminal laws with their unauthorized street riding and traffic disruption to other vehicles. The program will expose minority youth to an industry where minorities are rarely seen and into the benefits and opportunities that motocross can provide.

From Boys to Men - Breaking the Stigma

It's About Us! is joining the conversation with The Future Wellness Foundation in a powerful discussion for boys. The topics will focus on the emotional impact that young black boys are facing as they grow from Boys to Men. We want to break the stigma surrounding African-American males. And it starts with a talk in a safe space, barbershop style so that these young boys can hear from men who have been in their shoes. The conversation will give them a chance to express, learn, understand, and begin to heal from the emotional trauma they've experienced after hearing from real men share their stories. 

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