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Our Mission

The Anacostia-Heights Community Federal Credit Union (AHCFCU) is a Black-led financial hub of historically resourceful African-American communities. Established to provide transformative financial resources to the benefit of communities that need it.

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Our Vision

Anacostia-Heights Community Federal Credit Union will attack the long-standing financial disparities in Wards Seven and Eight with economically friendly banking resources that provide opportunities for economic growth and financial stability, ensuring a more viable and financially enriched community.

Our Values and Guiding Principles

The Anacostia-Heights Community Federal Credit Union will embrace cooperative institutional principles and further outline a set of founding principles that reflect the needs and aspirations of underserved African-American communities. AHCFCU will assume responsibility for being a culturally responsive financial leader by:
  • Encouraging membership by securing depositors within the field of membership regardless of their social or economic circumstances, utilizing community, faith-based, and social organizations members, who can reasonably use our services and will accept the responsibilities of their membership.​

  • Promising to serve and treat members with respect while being accountable to their economic needs when engaging in various financial services with the appropriate organizational mechanisms to ensure member engagement and loyalty.​

  • Ensuring the stability of the credit union and the security of its capital and assets and our member benefits.​

  • Offering financial (literacy) pathways to individual financial independence and family wealth.

  • Maintaining effective outreach to immediate, extended, and intersecting communities about the value and benefits of being a member of our community federal credit union.

  • Supporting the development of a cooperative economic ecosystem to bolster the local Ward 7 and Ward 8 economies and establish more effective mechanisms to address the social, economic, and community needs​

  • Contributing directly through surpluses, investments, products, and services to local community development to enhance and sustain its economic integrity. 

  • Establish a community association within the credit union to assist in the creation of Community Benefits Agreements (CBA) and provide Advisory Neighborhood Commissions with added resources to empower their community.



We need your help in establishing the Anacostia-Heights Community Federal Credit Union. Your participation is crucial as we continue to move forward.


Would you take a few minutes to complete our survey to help us address your economic needs and support your financial goals?

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